(The following evaluations were collected when I was a teaching assistant at CU Boulder.)

Evaluations of my teaching are composed of the evaluations from my supervisors and those from my students.

1. Supervisor Evaluations

What impressed me the most about Fang was her enthusiasm in teaching, which to me is the most important feature shared by outstanding teachers in our field. During the years she worked with me, she never stopped seeking opportunities for training and incorporating cutting-edge pedagogical methods and instructional technology in her instruction. The combination of enthusiasm in teaching, knowledge in foreign language pedagogy, and her genuine care for students is the make of Fang as a wonderful teacher.

(Dr. Amber Navarre, Former Coordinator and Senior Instructor of Chinese, CU Boulder)

2. Student Evaluations

This is a selection of my Student Evaluations.

Original evaluations are available upon request.

You were my favorite instructor of this course and several other people have said the same. The days I understood the material best were the days you taught. Also, on quiz days you were the only one that didn’t distract me when you were walking around. This class was way better because you were one of my instructors.

Thank you so much for always making class very interesting.

Good Teacher.

She is far the best of the three instructors that teaches our section.

So much work but a really good class.

Liang laoshi is always well-prepared. She knows ahead of time the exact things she wants to teach and how to engage the students. She often tells short stories to show how the language developed over time. She is always very kind and supportive. She speaks Chinese a lot, which is good, and makes sure we understand her.”

Always prepared. Does well to get the class involved in speaking.

I really enjoy Liang laoshi’s teaching because it is well organized and allows you play with the language, rather than just repeating. She also has more interactive activities, which makes the vocab stay with me better. She also includes some cultural elements with the language, such as some comments about chopstick positions and bowing.

Very good teacher. Always helpful and knowledgeable.

She is a very wonderful teacher, and often clears up grammar problems that I am having. She respects the students when they make an effort. I appreciate all of her hard work.

I really like Liang laoshi’s class! She is a lot of fun and explains everything very well.

She always tells interesting stories that helps us get insights into the Chinese culture. She responds emails very quickly. She conducts the class very well, and is always well-prepared. 很好!

Very good preparation. Challenge students in unknown situations more. That’s how a language is learned best.

The cultural content complements my history and literature courses. Even though she speaks very fast, I can still understand her.

Liang laoshi is a fantastic teacher. I enjoy attending the classes that she teaches, and I learn a lot from each of her lectures.

She is the best TA. I like group work + how she speaks in Chinese most of the time.

Very well organized and prepared, comprehensive teaching style. I always feel I understand the material better after her lectures, and feel more confident in my speaking abilities.

The lecture is always interesting. She also includes history, etc. If we have questions we can always ask. Liang laoshi is a very nice and helpful teacher. She always tries to teach us well.

She gives insights into modern Chinese culture.


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